RG3 Isn’t A Long-Term Solution For The Browns

Despite the signing of Robert Griffin III, the Cleveland Browns should still select a quarterback with their top pick in the NFL Draft.

Within the last week, the Cleveland Browns announced that they signed Robert Griffin III to a two-year, $15 million contract with a maximum value of $22 million. Cleveland got exactly what it needed in Griffin, an athletic, dual-threat quarterback with a surprisingly big arm. The only problem with the acquisition is that expectations will be extremely high in Cleveland, which could prove detrimental for the development of such a young team and signal caller.

Hype wouldn’t surround Griffin if he began his career as a mediocre starter, or resigned to spending the duration of his career as a permanent backup. However, because Griffin threw for more than 3,000 yards and 20 touchdowns as a rookie in 2012, the standard has been set for the rest of his career. Due to his success as a rookie, an optimistic fan base would await Griffin wherever he had gone.

As a quarterback at Baylor University, Griffin was virtually unstoppable, especially with current NFL receivers like Kendall Wright on the Bears’ roster. However, the one thing that distinguished and still distinguishes Griffin from other quarterbacks is his extremely aggressive mindset as a runner. Griffin is willing to take hits and do whatever it takes to help his team win. Normally, that’s a great trait to have as an athlete in any sport, but because NFL players’ careers are so short, doing the little things to prolong their careers is vital.

The concept of staying healthy magnifies in the NFL and even more so for quarterbacks. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is proof that longevity is the key to a successful career in the league. Not every team needs an extremely athletic and speedy player at the quarterback position. What NFL quarterbacks need is balance and intelligence. Awareness of players around them, both in and outside the pocket, is a product of having intelligence or high football IQ.

North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz completed 62-of-65 passes at his pro day last week, including one drop. Wentz won’t wow you with his athleticism or speed, but his arm strength and accuracy compare to NFL elites like Andrew Luck and Cam Newton. The Browns need a permanent quarterback and so far, Griffin has been anything but permanent. Wentz could be the perfect quarterback to rebuild a franchise around, and he should be a Brown on draft day.

Griffin’s talent is unquestionable, but his style of play has many doubting how long his professional career will last.

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