Butler Men’s Basketball social media graphics for the 2018 NCAA Tournament game against Arkansas in the round of 64. Behance Project

Butler Men’s Basketball 2018 NCAA tournament matchup preview graphics for social media. Behance Project

Butler Men’s Basketball 2018 “Selection Sunday” graphics for Twitter. Behance Project

2018 Butler Men’s Basketball senior night graphics. Behance Project

Butler Men’s Basketball player of the game graphics for Twitter. Behance Project

Butler Men’s Basketball Kelan Martin all-time scoring list designs. Behance Project

Coach LaVall Jordan birthday graphics for Butler Men’s Basketball. Behance Project

Butler Men’s Basketball 2017-18 Big East tournament graphics for social media. Behance Project

Kelan NBA Draft Combine Invite v2.jpg

Butler Men’s Basketball forward, Kelan Martin NBA Combine invite graphic. Behance Project

Way Too Early Top 25 ButlerMBB.jpg

Way-Too-Early Top 25 graphic for the 2018-19 Butler Men’s Basketball season. Behance Project

Jordan tucker.jpg

Butler Bulldogs forward Jordan Tucker birthday graphic for @BUTLERMBB on Twitter. Behance Project

Butler Men’s Basketball postseason stat graphics for @BUTLERMBB on Twitter.

Scoring leader graphics within the Big East during the 2017-18 college basketball season for @BUTLERMBB on Twitter.

A series of quote graphics for featuring LaVall Jordan and Tyler Wideman  for @BUTLERMBB on Twitter.

Henry Baddley Birthday Graphic

A birthday graphic created for Butler Bulldogs forward Henry Baddley for @BUTLERMBB on Twitter.

Philadelphia 76ers mock 2018 NBA Draft graphics featuring former Butler Bulldogs forward Kelan Martin. Behance Project

Kelan Martin Utah Jazz Summer League preview graphics for @BUTLERMBB on Twitter. Behance Project

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